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"The essential law of self defense you must know before you carry, in real life scenarios everyone can understand."



"This is the missing piece of the puzzle - a clear understanding of the law of self defense, specific to Nebraska." -- Mike, Lincoln, Nebraska

"Very informative and helpful for me to more clearly articulate what may take place in a real life lethal force scenario." -- Dennis in Lincoln

"Gary is the go-to guy Nebraska cops call when involved in a shooting. He represented me in a use of force; I cannot recommend him more highly." -- John Davis, Lincoln County Sergeant, and Board Member, State of Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police

"Gary has the boots on the ground experience with uses of force. This is critically important for anyone that carries."-- Cody Blocker, 

Learn the legal rules of engagement before you need them
Learn what to do and what not to do after you use force
Learn what will happen to you in a homicide investigation
Teach citizen guardians the legal survival skills they need to use force responsibly
Learn about the human factors of a lethal force encounter, how they impact an investigation, and how to prepare for them
Upcoming Classes
  • Saturday | Feb. 19, 2022
  • Omaha, Nebraska
Gary Young is a use of force attorney who represents Nebraska law enforcement. He has represented more than 300 officers in critical incidents, officer involved shootings, and in 100+ grand jury proceedings regarding in custody deaths over the last 20 years.   
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