The Law of Self Defense and the Rules of Engagement

What will Happen to You in a Police
Real World Scenario Based Training
The Human Factors of Critical Incidents

The Dos and Don'ts Immediately After a Use of Force


Talk or Not Talk to Police?


The Criminal Investigation of You


How to Minimize the Risk of Police Thinking you may have Committed a Crime


Minimizing the Risk of Civil Liability to you and your family

The Nebraska Self Defense Statute


Defense of Self and Others 


The Nebraska Self-Defense Cases


Absolute Restrictions on the Use of Force


The Dos and Don'ts


Whose perceptions of the situation will count the most after the hammer falls


What you Need to Know Before the Day Comes

The Actual Nebraska Cases


Real World Scenarios:


What would you do?


Justified or Unjustified?

The impact of incident stress on physical performance


The impact of stress on perceptions and memory


Training with Human Factors in Mind

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